Monday, November 29, 2010

Cajun Boiled Peunats Better Taste

Cajun boiled peanuts have a better taste compared to regular boiled peanuts. Once you try it, then you will not want another boring nuts again! Simply speaking, Cajun boiled peanuts are regular boiled peanuts that have been spiced up a few notches. OK, a lot of notches. If you try these Cajun boiled peanuts recipes and don't like them, we will give you your money back (easy to do since you haven't given us anything). Please enjoy these, and email us if you have a Cajun boiled peanuts recipe that you would like to share.

"The Best And Only Cajun Boiled Peanuts Recipe We Know"


* 2 lbs. of fresh and raw peanuts that are still in their shells
* 2 tablespoons of salt
* 1 bag of Zatarain's Crab and Shrimp Boil
* 1 tablespoon of red pepper (or more, if you are feeling lucky)


* Place the peanuts in a large pot and add enough water to cover them and almost fill the pot.
* Add the salt and stir it real well.
* Turn the stove to the high heat setting and cover until it boils.
* Add the Zatarain's and the red pepper.
* Reduce the heat just enough to keep it from boiling over.
* Boil the peanuts for 4 hours. Add water as needed to keep the peanuts covered.
* Drain the peanuts and serve.
* Enjoy the Cajun boiled peanuts!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Make Good Green Peanuts Boiled

Judging from the many changes recipe for boiled peanuts, you boil green peanuts that will be the wrong way.

Important to determine when they need to do is a lot of tasting. Some people prefer to consolidate the soft nuts, salt, and hardness of the boiled peanuts are needed to test the taste.

4-5 pounds green shell (raw) peanuts *
4-6 quoted water
Salt per gallon of water a katppuppuren

Green Bay is using peanuts (Uncured compound). Do not roast recipe for peanut.

Until the water runs clear and cold enough, three are peeled peanuts, and then about 30 buneulwihan cool before cooking soak in clean water.

Location peanut dipping in a large heavy pot, the water is completely covered. Note 2 inches and peanuts to add enough water to cover.

Add 1 cup of salt per gallon of water.

Cook covered on high heat 4-7 hours.

Boiled peanuts for about 4 hours, stirring occasionally, and taste.

10 minutes with salt and texture, taste again for everyone.

Peanuts (peanut texture when fully cooked, cooked, dried peas, or should be similar to that of Bean), the texture and tasting till you get to cook.

Note that: peanuts boiled peanuts used in the cooking time depends on the maturity and various nuts. Green peanut is shorter than the time that contain peanuts, "fresh pool" for the cooking time.

Beep after cooking with heat AURAY jjeu better or they are removed from the salt on the salt is absorbed.

Peanuts can be eaten hot or at room temperature, chilled in the refrigerator and eat them to bombard you, eat cold.

Frozen boiled peanuts:
Peanuts Prepare as above. Drain and cool in an airtight container to freeze. They will keep indefinitely.

Canned boiled peanuts, water:
Prepare peanuts, salt to the boiling point and is immediately available.

Peanuts, hot saline (212 ° F) using the equal weighting within 0.5 inches of screen, one of the bottles, peanut packs.

As part of 10 minutes in boiling water flooded the vessel from the upright state.

Seal pressure of 10 pounds and 45 minutes in hot. Water from the heat away from the label kurukontenaeun reference.